What is Headshot Hunter?

7 April 2016

Hunting for your first headshot? Demystify the world of photographers, prices and photo-shoots with the Headshot Hunter, Philip Duguid-McQuillan.

As an actor and agent, I know how essential it is to have a good headshot. When I started my search as a young aspiring actor to get my own headshots done, it was big financial investment, so I was anxious to get right. I knew good headshots would be vital to get auditions and, ultimately, paid work.

It was difficult to choose a photographer who would suit me and give me the best results from the sea of professional photographers out there. It was extremely time-consuming trawling through photographer listings, then visiting their individual websites to find out what they offered. Photographers emphasised different aspects of their services so comparison was really tricky. All my drama school peers were experiencing the same problems.

My ideal would have been to have all the photographers details on one website, but this didn’t exist, so I
 decided to develop a website service myself, and WWW.HEADSHOTHUNTER.CO.UK is the result!

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Headshot Hunter

What is it?

Headshot Hunter is a new photographer search, comparison and review website. It has had a great reception from people in the industry: actors, performers, agents and drama schools. Headshot Hunter holds the details of over 80 headshot photographers from all over the UK.

How does it work?

The website allows you to search for and compare photographers’ packages. You can refine your search and Headshot Hunter will identify photographers that fit your requirements in areas such as budget, location or special. You can even search for who does a student discount. You can also browse headshots for photographs that you like or feel would match your own style and create a shortlist, identifying suitable photographers.

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Questions to ask yourself when choosing a photographer

There is plenty of advice on the website about what makes a good headshot and the factors you need to consider when deciding which photographer best fits your needs. Check out our advice page for further information on how to get the best out of your shoot:

Headshot Hunter does not guarantee the outcome of your shoot, but it will revolutionise the way you search for headshot photographers, making it easier to find that perfect headshot.

There is no exact science in choosing a headshot photographer, nor is there a formula for creating a great headshot; it is an incredibly subjective process. What will work for some, will not work for others. You can argue about what is in fashion, but a great headshot should always look like you when you walk through the audition room door and show you in your best light. We hope that www.headshothunter.co.uk will help all performers simplify the process of finding the right photographer for them and achieving great headshots.

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