What’s In This Masterclass?

29 July 2017

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a professional TV & Film audition? Well…here’s your chance! In this one hour and forty minute masterclass we watch BBC Director, Nigel Douglas, guide five professional actors through the tough audition process with the aim of strengthening their audition and screen acting technique.  This masterclass is full of value, covering in detail the sections below and much much more!

The Chat

Do you get in the room ready to perform but then get caught off guard by the little ‘chat’ at the beginning? In this section, Nigel reveals the untold reasons why Directors do the ‘chat’ at the beginning of an audition and how actors can put themselves in a strong position for the role before even reading for the part.

The Read

The nitty gritty of the audition; the main course! For most TV and Film auditions nowadays, you get a few scenes a couple of days before, and that’s if you’re lucky! But the real questions is, what is the best way an actor, with limited time and information about the script, should prepare those scenes?  Nigel guides the actors on how to analyse the scenes in order to access the right clues about the character, setting and plot, in order to give a strong first and second read.

The Audition Debrief

Nigel rounds up the masterclass by hitting home key points and tips about auditions, showreels, CV’s, positive thinking, knowing your ‘brand’, knowing what your face does and much much …much more.

Screen Director – Nigel Douglas

Nigel Douglas’ credits include; River City (BBC), Holby City (BBC), The Dumping Ground (BBC), Casualty (BBC), Waterloo Road (BBC), Eastenders (BBC) and Wild At Heart (ITV).

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