About Us

22 March 2016

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Who We Are

  • to move, climb, go upward, mount, rise
  • to rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an
  • inferior to a superior degree or level

Here at the Ascend Actors Group, we are passionate about keeping professional actors growing, rising and ascending throughout the entire span of their careers, not just as actors, but as people.

We understand that an Actor’s career does not follow one a linear path. Like our logo, you may start going up, then to the side, then suddenly you find yourself going down; but with some help you begin to ascend.

Every career and circumstance is different, so we have developed a variation of online and offline training tools to assist you throughout your individual and unique acting career. Anyway, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and our job is to keep you well and truly hydrated throughout your journey.

We are an active supporter of the Actors Awareness Campaign.

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Why We’re Different

We know first hand how challenging a profession in Acting is, therefore we have built a company specifically designed to help and guide you through this wonderful yet challenging profession.

Being an actor is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle and we fully understand that. That is why we have designed and created a place, online and offline, where you can feel supported and continue to grow, no matter what life throws at you.

Our support is not limited to only your Acting; we extend it to the daily lifestyle of an actor. We aim to not only provide you with a wide range of valuable acting workshops, courses and events to keep your skills sharp, but we also aim to continuously equip you with an extensive variation of beneficial and useful everyday tools.

We are about not giving up, hard work and succeeding. If you believe in this ethos, we want to work with you.

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What We Do

Actors are at their happiest when they are working. So we want you to work. Simple. Therefore we aim to help you get that job in a wide variety of ways, including free Online Training Resources (to keep your skills current), Castings (to keep you being proactive), a variation of Acting Workshops, Courses and Events (to keep your existing skills sharp and at a professional level), Industry Networking Events (to keep you connected to important people in the industry) and Blogs (to keep you informed).

Our Acting Workshops and Courses will be led by leading industry professionals on a wide range of areas including; Audition Technique, Acting for Stage and Screen, Script Analysis, Casting for Stage and Screen, and Voice Technique for Stage.