Why I Started Ascend

19 March 2017

People always ask me why I started Ascend and I have never been able to sum it up in words; so here goes…

I started Ascend because I love stories; they are truly magical. But most of all, I love the people behind the stories, the bold and brave creative minds; the actors.

As you know, there is a time when life takes over, and it gets increasingly hard to do the one thing you love. I’ve been there too. We’ll, I’m there now. I wanted to create a feeling, an aura that encourages everyone, (including myself), who has been given this magical gift of creativity to never give up, to keep on going in whatever way we can. Whether you’ve just come out of drama school, between jobs or have just taken an acting break, Ascend is the invisible net that promises to hold you, encourage you and inspire you to KEEP ON GOING.

Let’s grab life by the balls (in our own way!). Let’s get in the driving seat of our careers and do what we can to live the life we want; we’re only here once.

The thing is, not everyone has been given this gift.  We are special. And I genuinely believe that.

So that’s why I started Ascend, and why I will continue to try my best to offer the best opportunities.

I believe in us.

Stephanie x

Founder and Managing Director

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