The Agent List UK 2018

8 April 2016

The Agent List UK 2018 is a selected list of just over 100 reputable agents, co-operative agencies and voice over agents in the UK and their up to date contact details. We put together this list to help make life a little bit easier for you. This is an e-document.

(Please note: once you have purchased The Agent List UK, the e-document will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.)

Sapphire Joy“Precise and straight to the point. Helps you find talent agencies near your base and provides their details. Great for those looking for representation for the first time and those seeking new representation.”
Sapphire Joy
Hayley Powell“I think your list is very helpful. As an actor I’ve decided to focus on making my own work and developing skills, so I my time is becoming very valuable. You can spend a lot of time writing to agents etc, and this makes the effort worthwhile.”
Hayley Powell

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