Screen Acting and Audition Masterclass with TV & Film Director Nigel Douglas

14 November 2016




This online masterclass is packed with extremely valuable information for experienced and aspiring actors that includes; how to approach auditions, what to prepare & how to prepare it, the use of showreels, the technique of screen acting, script analysis, how to give a good read and… everything in-between! This masterclass brings to life a whole new and invigorating way of continual professional development for actors that can be accessed whenever and wherever you are.

We strongly advise that this masterclass is viewed only by those aged 16 and over.

Please read our How to Use section and our Terms and Conditions below.


To get the best out of this valuable masterclass we advise that you do the following:

-Download and read scene 1 and scene 2 of Pete and Jane. These scenes are used and discussed in the masterclass.

-Be comfortable! This masterclass lasts for an hour and 40 minutes.

-Have a secure internet connection for the whole duration of the masterclass.

-Have a note pad and pen ready; there are lots and lots of notes coming!

-Please allow up to 5 minutes for the masterclass to load.


This masterclass is sold on a pay per view basis.

The scenes used are written and owned by Nigel Douglas and are not to be shared and/or used for reason outside of this masterclass.

We do not issue refunds on our online masterclasses so please make sure you have a solid and secure internet connection.

Please read our new full terms and conditions.


The notes given are individual opinions of Nigel Douglas.

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