Rich Creative presents ‘Modern Love’

26 September 2016

Thinking of starting up a theatre and/or production company? Well…‘Take control of your career, find your artistic family and make your career happen!’ Great advice from Annabelle, Francesca and Emily; the three ladies who founded the production company Rich Creative earlier this year, and are about to showcase extracts of their latest production Modern Love at the Pleasance Theatre’s Litmus Fest this weekend, before the full production opens at the Etcetera Theatre in a few weeks. Check out their journey.

Why did you start up the production company Rich Creative?

Annabelle: I set up Rich Creative in January 2016 in order to take control of my acting career. It’s so tough to get your foot in the door in this industry when you’re ‘unknown’. I was finding it difficult to even get into the casting room, so I thought: “well, if no one else will give me a chance to show what I can do, then I’ll do it myself.

How has starting this company helped your acting journey?

Annabelle: Rich Creative has given me the independence to create the type of innovative work I’ve always wanted to make; to engage, inspire and connect with audiences; and to raise awareness about important social issues that are too often neglected. It’s also been fantastic to work with a team made up of ambitious and supportive young women, given how hard it can be for women to thrive in this industry.

Emily: Rich Creative has given me the chance to be part of a company that refuses to limit itself: we work with theatre, film, and a combination of both! Coming from a student theatre scene that hadn’t been as experimental as I had wanted, this was incredibly refreshing. I was initially so drawn in by Annabelle’s work ethic and style. She has a real flair for producing and is a master at balancing both the creative and the business sides of the job.

Francesca: Establishing the company has been a really important new development for us as actors. It’s given us a more holistic understanding of how a production hangs together, and therefore improved the way in which we develop characters. Crucially, Rich Creative has also given us a constant creative outlet, and the flexibility to take on a variety of roles and projects.

Would you recommend starting a theatre and/or production company to other actors?

Francesca: Being involved with a production company is something we recommend to all actors: all it takes is hard work and a determination to succeed and you can make it happen. Take control of your career, find your artistic family and make your career happen!

Modern Love at The Pleasance Theatre

Extract performance as part of the brand new work-in-progress Litmus Fest:

1st & 2nd October 7.30pm at the Pleasance Theatre Mainhouse

Tickets: 6.50 – BUY NOW

 Full production:

18th– 23rd October 7pm (6pm Sunday) at the Etcetera Theatre

Tickets: 12.00 (10.00 concessions) – BUY NOW

Rich Creative

Twitter: @Rich_Creative @modernloveplay

Instagram: @modernloveproduction

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