Masterclass Trailer & Teasers

29 July 2017

Masterclass Trailer

Teaser 1

What are screen Directors looking for in the first five minutes of the audition?

Teaser 2

“Always be the one that is driving the audition”. Nigel Douglas

Teaser 3

‘The audition is never a test of words”. Nigel Douglas

Teaser 4

“For me, casting is like building a company”. Nigel Douglas

Teaser 5

‘The audition is yours to lose”. Nigel Douglas

Teaser 6

“If you can’t do it in an audition room with just me,…then how is that going to be with you get onto a film set and there are thousands of people around you”. Nigel Douglas

Teaser 7

“You really have to get to know your face”. Nigel Douglas

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